Monday, September 12, 2011

The Wonder of Your Love A Land of Canaan Series By Beth Wiseman

I received this e-book from Thomas Nelson through for free for my honest review of this book!

Book Description:
Katie Ann lost the love of her life. But in Canaan, God offers her a new beginning.

Settling in to her new life in Canaan, Colorado, Katie Ann Stoltzfus gives birth to a beautiful baby boy. The boy's father - her estranged husband - died before their son is born. Despite his infidelities, Ivan was her one true love. She mourns his loss, vows never to trust another man, and resolves to fill the role of both mother and father to her son.
Then Eli Detweiler arrives in Canaan from Middlefield, Ohio, to attend his niece's wedding. He's been raising his kids alone in Middlefield since his wife's death fifteen years ago. Now each child is married, so Eli looks forward to living a less-structured life-and eating shoofly pie for breakfast every morning. There's no one to care for except himself.
When a meddling-but good-hearted-Englisch woman plays matchmaker for Katie Ann and Eli, they find themselves facing an unexpected, hopeful future…brought together by God's wondrous love.

My Thoughts:
I am a HUGE Fan of Beth Wiseman and of Amish Fiction. Beth Wiseman is one of the first authors of Amish Fiction I started reading and I am hooked on her books. Both of her series, The Daughters of Promise and A Land of Canaan, are wonderful books that truly show the Amish faith and how the Amish live. Her latest book, The Wonder of Your Love does NOT disappoint. The story picks up with Katie Ann raising her son on her own, after her estranged husband was killed in a car accident. Her estranged husband, Ivan, had left Katie Ann and the Amish faith to be with Lucy, an Englisher in Lancaster County. Katie Ann and Ivan moved to Canaan with Ivan's brother Samuel and his family to have a fresh start but ended up going back to Lucy. Katie Ann never told Ivan she was pregnant. Katie Ann is raising their son, Jonas, and grieving for husband. Lucy shows up at Katie Ann's door, pregnant, wondering about a picture of a house and 2 house keys she found in Ivan's things. Katie Ann doesn't know but does help Lucy by giving her money to help her. Katie Ann has made her own family in Canaan including an Englisher named Martha who is like a Mom to Katie Ann and a Grandma to Jonas. At the wedding of David, Katie Ann's nephew, and Emily, Katie Ann meets Eli, Emily's Uncle, and the instantly connect. Eli is also a widower, who raised all 6 of his children without a wife. He and Katie Ann form an unusual bond that grows but he lives in Ohio and she lives in Colorado.

This story was a beautiful story of finding the wonder of love. Finding what love can do for all people. I could not put this book down. This story showed forgiveness in a very unforgiving situation, love in the last place you would expect, and the connection between Amish and English. Katie Ann's relationship with Martha is a special bond that didn't seem like a normal one for an Amish woman. They loved each other as family and took care of each other. Also the background story of Eli was a very unique one, an Amish man who never remarried and raised his 6 children on his own. Eli did both Mom and Dad role and wasn't afraid to show his sensitive side. Katie Ann's story is also unique as far as her husband leaving the faith and her. This story truly gave a different perspective of Amish life and how not so different Amish and Englishers can be. Beth Wiseman weaves such a deep story that you find yourself right there laughing with them and crying with them. The characters of her story are real and live through real things. I LOVED this book and can't wait for the next Beth Wiseman book to come out!!

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