Friday, November 23, 2012

Lovelier Than Daylight: The Saddler's Legacy Book 3 By Rosslyn Elliott

I received this book from Thomas Nelson through for no charge in exchange for my honest review of this book. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Book Description:

Susanna is a lady of principles who values family above all. Johann seems to represent all she despises . . . but appearances can be deceiving.

In 1875, Susanna Hanby is headed off to college in Westerville, Ohio, when she discovers her sister Rachel and Rachel’s children have disappeared. Susanna suspects that Rachel’s alcoholic husband knows more than he’s saying and she vows to uncover the truth.

Johann Giere is heir to a successful German-American brewery in Columbus, but longs for a career in journalism in New York City. When Johann signs on as the supplier for a new saloon in Westerville, his and Susanna’s paths cross and sparks fly. A fiery temperance crusader, Susanna despises Johann’s profession, but she cannot deny the attraction.

When Susanna learns that Rachel’s children have been indentured to orphanages in the city, she despairs that her family will be fractured forever. But Johann makes Susanna an offer she can’t refuse—pitting her passion and her principles against one another.

If she can find a way for her head and her heart to be in harmony, a future lovelier than daylight awaits her.

Lovelier than Daylight is a story of love and faith based on the Westerville Whiskey War of 1875, a dramatic real historical event featured in the 2011 documentary Prohibition by Ken Burns.

My Thoughts:

Lovelier Than Daylight is the third book in Rosslyn Elliott's series The Saddler's Legacy.  I have had the privilege of reading each of the books in this series.  The series is based on the real Hanby Family and this book is based on the Westerville Whiskey War of 1875.  The stories are fiction but have historically accurate information in them.  I have enjoyed this series from the beginning and Lovelier Than Daylight added to that enjoyment. This is a beautiful story that looks at some intense issues like drinking, domestic abuse, infidelity, and the affects these things have on families especially the children during 1875.  This story grabbed me from the start and held me until the end.  Lovelier Than Daylight is about Susanna Hanby who is staying in Westerville, Ohio to attend college, the college her family has been part of for many, many years. She is staying with her Aunt Ann and Uncle Will, who are characters who have been a part of this series from the start.  On her trip Susanna wants to visit her sister and her children, Susanna finds out that her sister is gone and the children have been put in orphanages.  This book takes readers through the struggles of the Hanby's as they try to keep the children together and with family. Susanna is willing to give up school to take care of these children. 

Lovelier Than Daylight introduces some new characters and reacquaints readers with some old friends.  My favorite characters in this story would have to be Will and Ann Hanby and Johann Giere. The love and strength of these characters have left me with such a good feeling.  Rosslyn Elliott writes a beautiful story about this incredible family and the length someone will go for someone they love.  This story also talks about the good and bad of alcohol and the lengths people will go for what they believe.  I truly enjoyed this book and this series.  I recommend this book and series to anyone who enjoys Christian Historical Fiction, it does not disappoint.  I am a huge fan of Rosslyn Elliott's and look forward to reading much more from her.

Friday, November 16, 2012

The Deposit Slip By Todd M. Johnson- Debut Novel

I received this book from Bethany House Publishers for no charge in exchange for my honest review of this book.  The opinions express here are my own.

Book Description:

This Gripping Legal Thriller Is a Perfect Summer Read

When Jared Neaton grew tired of the shady ethics of his big law firm and left to go out on his own, he never expected the wheels to fly off so quickly. One big case collapsing on him has pushed him to the brink and it's all he can do to scrape by. He can't risk another bad loss.

Erin Larson is running out of options. In the wake of her father's death, she found a slim piece of paper--a deposit slip--with an unbelievable amount on it. Ten million dollars. Only the bank claims it has no record of the deposit and stonewalls her attempts to find out more. This lawsuit, her last chance, has brought only intimidation and threats. Now she needs to convince Jared to take a risk, to help her because the money is real. And both need to watch their backs as digging deeper unleashes something far more dangerous than just threats.
My Thoughts:

The Deposit Slip is Todd M. Johnson's debut novel and I enjoyed it. When I read the description on the back I was drawn in my by the story. I have always been a fan of legal thrillers and legal mysteries.  The law has always been a passion of mine so when I saw it, I knew this book would be for me.  I did not know until almost the end of the book that this novel is Todd M. Johnson's debut novel.  He writes with such authority about the law and bringing it to real life.  I got caught up in the story from the get go, having it hold my interest through until the end.  The plot took many twits and turns all the way until the end, it keeps you guessing. The characters were interesting and truly have real and tricky lives.   Their lives aren't perfect and not everything is solved by the end of the book. The writing and descriptions of the places like Ashley, MN felt like you are right there experiencing small town life. The Deposit Slip's themes include: righting wrongs, forgiveness, greed, jealousy, family relationship, and God's love.   I definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Legal Suspense novels, you won't be disappointed.  I can't wait for more books from Todd M. Johnson!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Soul's Gate: A Well Spring Novel By James Rubart

I received this book from Litfuse Publicity for no charge in exchange for my honest review of this book.  All the opinions expressed here are my own.

Book Description:

Every now and then we get a break from reality. A glimpse into the other world that is more real than the reality we live in 99 percent of our days. The Bible is about a world of demons and angels and great evil and even greater glory.”
What if you could travel inside another person’s soul? To battle for them. To be part of Jesus healing their deepest wounds. To help set them free to step boldly into their divinely designed future.

Thirty years ago that’s exactly what Reece Roth did. Until tragedy shattered his life and ripped away his future.

Now God has drawn Reece out of the shadows to fulfill a prophecy spoken over him three decades ago. A prophecy about four warriors with the potential to change the world . . . if Reece will face his deepest regret and teach them what he has learned.

They gather at a secluded and mysterious ranch deep in the mountains of Colorado, where they will learn to see the spiritual world around them with stunning clarity—and how to step into the supernatural.

Their training is only the beginning. The four have a destiny to pursue a freedom even Reece doesn’t fully fathom. But they have an enemy hell-bent on destroying them and he’ll stop at nothing to keep them from their quest for true freedom and the coming battle of souls.

“Readers with high blood pressure or heart conditions be warned: this is a seriously heart-thumping and satisfying read that goes to the edge, jumps off, and 'builds wings on the way down.'” —Publishers Weekly

My Thoughts:

Soul's Gate is the first book in James L. Rubart's latest series Well Spring.  Soul's Gate is the first book I have read of James L. Rubart's and it is great. When I received the information on this book I found myself taken in by the description on the back of the book, I knew I had to read it.  Soul's Gate is about spiritual awakening, spiritual warfare, and fighting for other soul's for God. This story truly stretches your mind and talks of all the things God can do and can empower us to do.  I truly found myself lost in this story.  It grabbed me from the start and truly took me on twists and turns until the very end.  The characters are wonderfully written and so multidimensional. As I read, I found myself being able to connect to the characters especially as walked through their journeys.  James L. Rubart is a gifted writer who I look forward to reading more from. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Christian Fiction/Fantasy.  You won't be disappointed.  I cannot wait for the next book in this series.


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Monday, November 12, 2012

Sandwich, With a Side of Romance By Krista Phillips

I received this e-book from Abingdon Press through for no charge in exchange for my honest review of this e-book. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Book Description:

Sandwich, Illinois represents hope for twenty-year-old Maddie Buckner and Kyle, the eleven-year-old brother Maddie wants to spring out of foster care. Then she loses her new job after less than an hour on the clock. It’s all Reuben-the-Jerk’s fault, and she’s determined to make him right the wrong.

He does so, reluctantly, by giving her a job at his restaurant, The Sandwich Shop. Then crazy things start happening at the restaurant, and Kyle’s foster parents apply to adopt him. To stop it all, Maddie must learn the art of humbling herself and accepting the help God has arranged, risking her heart to Reuben in the process.

And she’d rather eat a million corned-beef on rye sandwiches than do that.

My Thoughts:

Sandwich, With a Side of Romance By Krista Phillips is her debut novel and its a great one.  I was surprised to find out this is her first novel, it is definitely written like a seasoned author.  The characters are well written and a lot of fun to read. This book is humorous, I found myself laughing out loud through out the book.  With the humor, some serious things were there including abuse, deceptions, grudges, finding love in unlikely people,  and the struggle to stay on the right path while believing God will see you through the other side.  Sandwich, Illinois is a quirky small town with some pretty interesting characters and businesses.  As I read this book, I felt like I was right there, watching the events unfold. Krista Phillips writes with authority about foster care, adoption, business dealings, and keeping the faith.  I really enjoyed reading this book and found myself connecting with some of the characters and their struggles.  I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Christian Fiction with some romance.  I look forward to reading more from Krista Phillips. Another author to add to my must read list.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

His Love Endures Forever: Land of Canaan Novel By Beth Wiseman

I received this e-book from for no charge in exchange for my honest review of this e-book.  The opinions expressed here are my own.

Book Description:

An unplanned pregnancy. An absent father. Can love really endure all things?

Danielle Kent is anything but Amish. But as destiny would have it, she has fallen in love with an Amish man.

Now she’s 18, pregnant, and hopeful that the child’s Amish father—Matthew Lapp—will do the right thing and marry her. She knows Matthew plans to leave his Colorado settlement for a life in the Englisch world. But that plan never included a baby.

When Matthew walks away from her and their unborn child, she has nowhere to turn. Her unlikely friendship with Levi offers some comfort—yet they have so little in common. This wasn’t the plan she had for her life, and she has never felt so alone. She doesn’t want to be pregnant. Doesn’t want to be Amish. Doesn’t want to trust God.

And yet.

God has plans beyond what her mind can imagine . . . loving plans to show a lost young woman that His love never fails but endures forever.

My Thoughts:

His Love Endures Forever is Book 3 in Beth Wiseman's Land of Canaan Series and it did not disappoint. As those who read my blog know I am a HUGE fan of Amish Fiction and Beth Wiseman.  Beth Wiseman writes wonderful novels about Amish life and beliefs. In everyone one of her books I lose myself in her tales and always learn something about the Amish Faith.  Even though the books are fiction the information about the Amish is true.  His Love Endures Forever is a wonderful book that looks at Amish and English worlds and what happens when they come together and also shows what unconditional love is and how God's love is unconditional.  I could not put this book down. The characters in this book are enjoyable, some new, and some old friends from other books that I got to catch up with.  That is what I really love about these books is learning about new characters but also still getting to know what is happening with others from past stories.  His Love Endures Forever can be read as a stand alone, as Beth Wiseman writes with expertise enough background you don't feel lost as a new reader but as a reader of her other books not too much detail that it bores.  It was very hard to put this book down, as with the other books by Beth Wiseman, they grab my attention from the start all the way to the end.  I highly recommend this book and series to anyone who enjoys Amish Fiction. You won't be disappointed.  I look forward to reading more books by Beth Wiseman and in the Land of Canaan series.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Prayer for the Devil By Dale Allan

I received this e-book from Greenleaf Book Group through for no charge in exchange for my honest review of this e-book.  The opinions expressed here are my own.

Book Description:

Twin brothers Luke and Aaron Miller could not lead more different lives. Aaron, a rising political star who manages the campaign of a man many believe will be the nation's next president, embraced his father's Jewish heritage. Luke, on the other hand, honored his mother's faith and entered the Catholic priesthood. When Aaron and the candidate he supports are killed in a bombing at a presidential stump speech, the Miller family's core is destroyed. Fear of a terrorist threat grips the nation, but the FBI and the press seem more focused on the death of a presidential candidate than on the other innocent victims like Aaron. Suddenly, Luke begins to feel the lure of a vengeance that is stronger than the bond of faith.
As he falls deeper into the abyss of political intrigue that surrounded his brother's mysterious professional life, Luke is tempted to break his promise to God and reassess his own sense of right and wrong. What sort of priest carries a concealed weapon? How can he judge others when he himself has strayed so far from his own flock?
Luke's comfortable life in Boston collides with the faraway world of the Middle East as he sets out on a journey to unravel the truth behind Aaron's murder. Will he take an eye for an eye?
In A Prayer for the Devil, Dale Allan weaves a fast-paced murder mystery wrapped in a thoughtful meditation on the intersection of faith and justice. Luke's journey through his own darkness propels him to a shocking ending that will leave readers breathless.

My Thoughts:

A Prayer for the Devil is the first book I have read by Dale Allan and WOW is all I can say.  When I read the book description I was excited to request it because it definitely sounded good.  I finished this book in less than two days. I honestly could NOT put this book down.  From the first sentence I was hooked.  This work of fiction could be a true story from the topics it covers and the events that take place.  Dale Allan is truly a gifted writer that I for one, cannot wait to read more from.  I truly felt like I was a character in the book seeing all of the events unfold and feeling the emotions the characters were feeling.  It has been a long time since I stayed up almost all night to finish a book. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading, you will not be disappointed. I have added Dale Allan to my list of must read authors. I cannot wait to read his next novel.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Tangled Ashes By Michele Phoenix

I received this book from Handlebar Central for no charge for my honest review of this book. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Book Description:

When Marshall Becker arrives in Lamorlaye, France, to begin the massive renovation of a Renaissance-era castle, he unearths a dark World War II history few in the village remember. The project that was meant to provide an escape for Becker instead becomes a gripping glimpse into the human drama that unfolded during the Nazi occupation and seems to live on in midnight disturbances and bizarre acts of vandalism.

My Thoughts:

Tangled Ashes is the first book by Michele Phoenix I have had the pleasure of reading. Tangled Ashes takes place in two different times in Lamorlayeneglegted. The new owners, The Fallons, want the castle ready for Mrs. Fallon's 40th birthday. Marshall comes with more baggage than his luggage. Marshall is an alcoholic who is trying to quit. He is hard and quick tempered. In the 1940's the story takes place in this same castle but at this point its being used for a German/Nazi house that is set up as a hospital for pregnant women who are pregnant with a child of the Aryon race. These women carry these children and once they are born, the babies are adopted by "good" Nazi families. The women working at the castle are French who were forced to work there to save their families from starving.

Michele Phoenix does a wonderful job writing this book. The transitions between now and 1940's is a smooth one and is marked by different font in the book. Current times writen in print, the 1940's written in italicized print. Michele Phoenix demonstrates her love of France and Lamorlaye with her expertise in all things there. The historical facts are well researched and well presented. This story has a little bit of everything: suspense, romance and finding God in all times. The characters are well written and are protrayed in the real world with not so perfect lives. The descriptions of the castle and Lamorlaye are so detailed I felt like I was there seeing it all. I found this story hard to put down. I truly enjoyed it. If you are a fan of Christian Historical Fiction I highly recommend this book. It will not disappoint. I am excited to read more from Michele Phoenix, I have found another author to add to my must read list.

The Egyptian Princess: A Story of Hagar By KD Homberg

I received this audiobook for no charge from the author and Celebrate Lit Blogger Program in exchange for my honest review of this audiobook...