Thursday, July 15, 2010

Resurrection in May by Lisa Samson

I received this book through for free in return to give my honest review of this book. Resurrection in May was a wonderful book. I read this book in 2 days, couldn't put it down. Lisa Samson tells a tale of redemtption, love, death, and dying and coming back. Our story is about May. A college senior that a man named Claudius finds at the side of the road drunk with no where to go. He takes her to his farm, Borne's Last Chance. There she recuperates and stays with him for a month before she is to head to Rwanda to offer services. Not as a missionary but to go and help. She and her dog Girlfriend stay with Claudius. Claudius is an older man who is mixed race. He has lived on this farm his whole life never marrying. He and May hit it off...he calls her May-May. He takes her to the airport for her trip. May writes a few times. In Rwanda unrest has started and the UN came to take May back to the states but she refused to leave. She found Jesus here with Fr. Issac and all this wonderful women and children she was taking care and they took care of her. One evening the rebels came to the camp and murdered everyone in the camp. They killed the men and children. Raped the women and killed them. Everyone was dead but May. She survived and then had to survive another 3 months with nothing but what she could find. Eventually they found her and got her back to the states but she was physically and emotionally so scarred. She lost her faith. Back in the states, May-May goes back to the farm and stays with Claudius. She makes a "life" there with Claudius. The truly love each other as a father and daughter. This book goes through her life 10 yrs after the Rwanda experience. A boy she was friends with in college came back from the army in a much similar state as May-May. He ends up into drugs and drinking and kills 2 people and is on death row. May-May begins to write him and they truly become lifelines to each other.

This book was just awesome. SO much unexpected happens. It grabs you from the beginning and keeps you in through the end. You can picture all of the characters and see how they all work together in each others lives. This book looks at faith in a huge way....we see May's loss of faith and how she found it. We see Claudius and his faith that stayed strong no matter the circumstances. It is a beautiful story of loss and being found. How Jesus never leaves us even if we leave him. I strongly recommend this book to everyone. Truly a beautiful story.

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