Friday, September 23, 2011

Women Of Faith Imagine 2011

As I have stated in many a book review I do reviews through and they offered tickets to the Women of Faith events in cities all over the US including Milwaukee, Wi with the agreement that you will blog on your experience. So I signed up for it. I have wanted to attend a WOF event for the last 2 years but unfortunately we haven't had the funds for me to go with our church group. I figured I had nothing to lose by trying, worse case, didn't get picked. So a few months ago had posted on Facebook that those who were selected to attend WOF through them received emails letting them know. So I checked my email and didn't see anything....did a search in my email since I don't always see my emails. Did not have anything....felt a little disappointed but hey, no biggie....nothing lost here.

A month ago I received an envelope in the mail from WOF and was confused. But figured it was probably an advertisement or something from them. So I opened the envelope and found 2 tickets for the event. I was floored, since I didn't receive the email I had no idea how I got these tickets. On top of that I thought the booksneeze thing was only one ticket. So I called the number for WOF and found out that in fact it was a ticket for me and one for a friend and they were compliments of So excited. I spoke with my friend Jolene, to see if she wanted to go with me to the event and found out she got the same envelope and no email. So she had 2 tickets also....I feel so blessed to have been picked to go to this event.

I know God truly blessed me, on top of all of this found out 2 weeks ago I need surgery on my gallbladder and a liver biopsy and the event is before my surgery so I feel so blessed that I can go before the surgery happens and really get to enjoy myself and be open to God's word. So check back here to read my review of this awesome conference! Can't wait to go and share it with all of you!!

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