Thursday, June 3, 2010

Who Do I Lean On? House of Hope Book by Neta Jackson

So before I review Who do I lean on I have to start out about the Series, Yada Yada Prayer Group. This series was beyond awesome. I started reading the first one in a book club and was HOOKED. These books look at relationships with God, women's relationships with each other, and how a group of unlikely characters truly become sisters. The story is told from Jodi's perspective....her father was a pastor so she grew up in the church but wasn't having a relationship with God....she went through the motions. She attends a prayer conference and gets grouped with an interesting set of characters.......these books are just awesome.......I can't say enough about them except in order to really understand it you have to read them.

After the Yada Yada Series closed Neta Jackson started started a spin off series called House of Hope. These books are about Manna House a women's homeless shelter that our Yada sisters helped rebuild after a fire. In these books the perspective is from Gabby's perspective a new character who moves from Virginia to Chicago with her husband. Gabby and her husband live in a penthouse on the lake.  She meets a homeless woman named Lucy and everything rolls from there. Gaby gets a job at Manna House....her mother gets ill and has to move in with her and her husband.....her husband throws her out and sends their children to live with their grandparents back in Virginia. So Gabby and Grandma Shep are homeless and now are residents at Manna House.  These books adress so many aspects of faith and finding that dependence on Christ in all times of life.

In Who do I lean on, Gabby has moved into her own apartment, her boys are living with her thanks to her father in law, and she has inherited money from her Mom. She feels she is being led to purchase the building she is living in to make 2nd step housing for Manna House residents. She is going through court with her husband to make sure she can keep custody of her boys.  This book shows how if we lean on Christ things will work out in his time and how powerful prayer really is. These books I would recommend to anyone looking for a wonderful series of books about women and faith.

Neta Jackson's husband Dave has a spin off series he is writing from House of Hope  which the first book is Harry Bentley's second chance.  Harry is introduced in House of Hope as a true friend to Gabby and this book runs parallel to House of Hope. I have not read it yet but can't wait to read it.

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