Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's day

As father's day is coming to a close, I am pondering many thoughts. I know that I am very very blessed to have a wonderful father who is still here with me. He is 66 yrs old and a cancer survivor.  My sister and I were young when he had it. It was a long road but thankfully he has stayed cancer free since.  I don't think I truly appreciated the fact of still having my Dad until I married Dean and we had kids. Both my Dad and my husband grew up without fathers. They had no idea what it was to celebrate father's day for them......they saw others celebrate their father's but never got to do it with their own fathers. That really makes you think about what the day means.  Dean doesn't know what to do on Father's day because of this....he almost doesn't want to celebrate it.  Now for my Dad my Mom always made sure it was a big deal and still does. She always gets him a nice gift and makes it about him and his day. We joke and tell him how spoiled he is but really thinking about the fact he had never celebrated father's day with HIS dad......he had a wonderful step dad in his early teens but again not the same.  I personally can't imagine not having my dad to celebrate with but it definitely puts things into perspective.  It also really is a testimony to the types of Dad they both are despite the fact they didn't have Dad's to be that example of what a Man is and what a man is supposed to do.  Please don't get me wrong I am not saying that they didn't have mom's who raised them or making light of the sacrifices made by single mothers. Just looking at some of the places where only a man can teach certain things.  I know as a girl my Dad taught me many things and showed me what unconditional love was and showed me what it meant to be a husband and how a wife should be treated.....there are things that all children need from their dads.

Now for me Fathers day was always interesting because for me my birthday falls on Father's day every so many years or its the day before or I fall right into the mix. When my Grandpa was alive we spent our Father's day morning with Dad doing breakfast, giving our homemade gifts, and just being together and then we would head over to Grandpa's for food and fun with Aunts, Uncles, and cousins. We would get together to spend the day with Grandpa, even if it was my birthday. It was a great time.....and Grandpa loved having all of us there and Grandma Joyce would make so much food and everything. We truly had a good time and my parents and my Uncles always put money together to get one big gift....I can remember him getting a lawn mower, an electric garage door opener, and many cool gadgets right up his alley. I miss him so much on these holidays. But I am glad to have my memories.  We didn't make it to the cemetery this Father's Day but I know Grandpa knows we thought of him all day.

Tomorrow I turn 36, always makes me really step back and look at my life....not where I thought I would be and not where we need to be but life has taken some turns. But I am very blessed to have my loving God given Husband and my 3 miracles: Ally, Catey, and Bobby. I don't know what I would do without any of them I am so thankful for my parents and that I am lucky enough to still have both of them. My Mom who helps us out when ever we need it and is there for us went out and bought me a Nook for my birthday. I have really wanted one but I know how expensive they are. I am loving it. I have my 2 free books I got in the mail last week that I have to read and then I can start reading off the nook but in the mean time I am learning so much about it and how to use it. So tomorrow it will be me and the kids until dinner. Dean made me my fave cake Strawberry with Cream Cheese frosting.So we will have some cake and hopefully just have a good day! I hope everyone had a wonderful Father's day!!!

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