Friday, January 8, 2010

So thankful

So decided to try the blogging thing again. I have been wanting to write lately but not sure what or is just crazy.  Today our oldest Ally left for green bay to attend Districts with our church....its so exciting.....this years districts has been a huge blessing before it even started.  We put our down payment down and on Christmas Eve we received an email from Pastor Chris saying that someone anamously paid the rest of Ally's district fees.....we were just floored.....we don't know who did but we are so thankful for them and their generousity.  We are praying for awesome things for Ally and the rest of the youth there........So its just Dean, Catey, Bobby, and I this weekend.  We went to Southridge Mall for dinner at the food court and to walk we went upstairs to Waldenbooks, they are closing and have everything 50-70% off so I went in and found 2 books I was looking I was checking out I was thinking about the Christmas I worked at Walden for seasonal help. Worked with some awesome ladies.....well my manager, Patty is still there and she ended up checking me we checked out she kept looking at me and finally said "wow you look so familiar" so I tell her who I am and we get to talking.....the store is closing by end of month.....she has worked there for 31 yrs and they are offering her a max severance of 12 weeks (should be a week for every year worked there). Unfortunately no jobs out there right now. So end of January she will be out of a job with the other staff. Most of the the staff has been there for over 20 was nice to talk to her but just made me so thankful for dean's job...we have been unemployed before.......we spend 1.5 yrs unemployed after 9/11/ was hard but looking back, God never let us go was hard and it was not fun but we always had a place to live, always had food, water, shelter. I know the power of prayer and I am praying for all of them that there is something out there for them but I feel so bad......I just wanted to hug Patty.......but I know God has a plan....God sure had one for us and we are thankful.....after that year and half we got another job....when that job ended we had a new one real quick and soon after that we got the offer from Quad and have been there ever since. We are so blessed.  I am thankful everyday that my husband has a job to go to and that I am able to be home.  So guess thats it for now.  Please pray for the Walden workers....they are closing 200 stores this month.....

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