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A Promise Child: The Promise Series Book 2 By Kathryn Spurgeon

I received this book for free from Celebrate Lit Blogger Program and the author for my honest review of this book. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Book Description:  

Sibyl, from a wealthy Oklahoma banking family, marries a handsome but poor hobo from the wrong side of the tracks. The Depression rips through Sibyl’s hometown of Shawnee, Oklahoma, leaving dying stores, repossessed farms, and countless men and women out of work. Now living in poverty, she suffers the burdens of a changing world and troubled economy. Based on a true story, Sibyl Pope wants to make the world a better place. Since her youth, she has followed her papa, a respected, clever-minded banker. Interested in socialist politics and asking the hard questions of life, she struggles to find her own purpose. She does her best to listen to God, even when her father refuses to help. Life changes. A new baby, a job with the PWA, and a promise of a brighter future. Concerned for her children, she struggles to keep food on her table and love alive in her heart —for her family, her husband, and God. Many people head west to save their families. Will Sibyl and Fremont abandon Oklahoma and their hopes and dreams for the promises in California? Or will they find a way to survive in Shawnee?

My Thoughts: 

A Promise Child is the second book in Kathryn Spurgeon's series, The Promise Series, and it is great. This is the first book by Kathryn Spurgeon I have had the pleasure of reading.  This book is based on true stories of her family, especially her mother and grandmother. I love reading historically accurate books because the things that I am taught through these books are details that isn't taught in history or another book. This story rings true about the stories I have heard from family about the Great Depression, ringing home about how our elders lived their whole lives, saving everything and being frugal in every aspect of life, never wanting to go through that again. I found this story very emotional and I couldn't put it down. I haven't read the first book in this series but I didn't find myself feeling like I was lost. I definitely have the first book on my TBR list and Kathryn Spurgeon is definitely on my must read list. I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Christian Historical Fiction, you will not be disappointed.  I give this book 5+ Stars.

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About the Book

Promise ChildBook:  A Promise Child
Author: Kathryn Spurgeon
Genre: Inspirational historic fiction
Release Date: September 10, 2017

She can’t survive the ‘30s alone…

Sibyl Trimble does everything she can to keep her family together. Before falling in love with a handsome, penniless hobo, she lived a life of new cars, speakeasies dances, and fancy cloche hats. 

Then the Great Depression hits Oklahoma. The wind blows topsoil away, hundreds of jobless men hang around town, and the economy falls apart. Even Fremont, her strong, stable husband, grows discouraged and considers leaving as they struggle to put food on the table.

When disaster strikes again, will Sibyl and Fremont move on to California or try to survive in Oklahoma? Neither option sounds promising.

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About the Author

Katherine spurgeon
Kathryn Spurgeon, an award-winning author and recipient of a 2018 Illumination Book Award, has published over a hundred stories, articles, and poems. She grew up on an Oklahoma farm before moving to South Korea, where she adopted two children. She and her husband, Bill, hold weekly studies in their home for international college students. They have six children and twelve grandchildren.  

More from Kathryn

Researching and writing about the 1930s has been a blast, and although it was the economically worst decade of the last century, faith, love, and life went on. It has been fun to glimpse into that historical time and find amazing and uplifting stories. Sibyl Trimble, my grandmother and the ever up-and-down, emotional but brilliant lady, did her best to create a great family environment. Seeking God, she also studied, taught, and shared about Christ in the midst of heartaches. Based on a true story, I hope this tale will inspire, uplift, and bring a touch of nostalgia to your day. The strength and courage Sibyl revealed can encourage us all and I am honored to share her tale with you.

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