Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Cover Story: Branigan Powers Mystery Book 2 By Deb Richardson-Moore

I received this book from Kregel Publications for no charge in exchange for my honest review of this book. The opinions expressed here are my own. 

Book Description:

A bizarre hit-and-run brings Branigan Powers back to the crime-solving beat
A fatal crash involving two college students heading home for the holidays seems like an unfortunate accident. But when the surviving girl wakens, she tells a curious story of the vehicle that forced them off the road--an old-fashioned, 1950s-style hearse.
Reporter Branigan Powers delves into the mystery that takes her to the college campus, and leads her into dangerous fraternity and sorority pledge parties.
Reunited with the homeless Malachi Martin, who is so adept at seeing what isn't there rather than what is, Branigan must uncover what is really going on at the college before other students are put in danger.
This second installment in the author's first cozy mystery series delves into the world of newspapers and life on the streets--both of which the author knows well.

My Thoughts: 

 The Cover Story is the second book in Deb Richardson-Moore's Branigan Powers series and I love it! I had the pleasure of reading the first Branigan Powers book, The Cantaloupe Thief, so when this latest book came out I HAD to read it. This is a Christian Mystery Story and it is fantastic. This story definitely grabs you from the start and doesn't let go until the end. Again Branigan is part of an investigation as a reporter and an Aunt. In this book we meet new characters and also read about favorites from the first book. I loved being part of another Branigan Mystery, right there with her as she digs deeper into this latest situation. I absolutely love the character, Branigan Powers. She is a sensitive, strong woman who does everything in her power to find the truth and report the truth. I could NOT put this book down. I love Deb Richardson-Moore's style of writing, she knows how to write an incredible story that keeps readers at the edge of their seats. This book definitely brought out many emotions, I found myself laughing in parts, crying in some, and holding breath in others. All makings of a great mystery. I recommend reading The Cantaloupe Thief first. I cannot say enough good about this book! I HIGHLY recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Christian Mystery books, you will not be disappointed in this story or this author. I cannot wait to read more of this series! I definitely give this book and author 5 STARS.

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