Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Two Roads Home: Chicory Inn Book 2 By Deborah Raney

I received this book from Litfuse Publicity for no charge in exchange for my honest review of this book. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Book Description: 

Minor-but-nagging setbacks continue to sour Grant and Audrey Whitman’s initiation into the world of innkeeping, but larger challenges brew when an innocent flirtation leads to big trouble for the Whitmans’ son-in-law, Jesse. Jesse Pennington’s friendly, outgoing personality has always served him well, especially in a career that has earned him and his wife Corinne a very comfortable lifestyle. But Corinne and Jesse are both restless—and for similar reasons, if only they could share those with each other. Instead, too many business trips and trumped-up charges of harassment from a disgruntled coworker threaten their marriage and possibly put their three precious daughters at risk. With their life in disarray, God is tugging at their hearts to pursue other dreams. Can Corinne and Jesse pick up the pieces of what was once a wonderful life before it all crumbles beneath them?

My Thoughts:

Two Roads Home is the second book in Deborah Raney's Chicory Inn Series and I really enjoyed it! I had the honor of reading and reviewing, Home to Chicory Lane, the first book in this series and was excited to have another opportunity to read and review this one! I am a big fan of Deborah Raney's writing so I am always on the lookout for her latest books.  In Book Two the focus is on Corinne and Jesse Pennington, the Whitman's oldest daughter and her husband. Jesse and Corinne live a comfortable life with their three girls but Jesse is feeling incomplete, he is not doing what he wants to do, and that is go back to school to become a teacher. Corinne is also feeling this incomplete feeling and feels Jesse's, but neither one has spoken to the other about these feelings.  They find themselves in the middle of a life storm when a co worker makes advances toward Jesse during a business trip. When Jesse rebukes the advances, he finds himself  being accused of harassment by this co worker. As this storm is brewing Jesse and Corinne are feeling led to find other dreams.

I really enjoyed Two Roads Home. I found myself being able to relate to this couple in many ways. Jesse and Corinne are the "old married couple" who everyone assumes has everything in life together, settled but they aren't. Both of them are restless and looking for something else for their family.  Deborah Raney writes with authority about Cape Girardeau, Mo, being a Stay at home Mom, running an inn inside a family home, marriage, and following God's leading.  I found myself unable to put this book down once I started it, from start to finish this book took many twists and turns and was definitely not what I expected, which I love!! I really enjoy the cast of characters in the Whitman Family especially Grant and Audrey Whitman. They are such pillars for their family and puts their faith in God's plan. They are devoted to their family and their inn. I love the interactions between them. As I stated, in this book the focus is The Pennington Family but fear not, the characters from book one are also back.  I loved reading Jesse and Corinne's story while being able to keep up with the rest of the Whitman Family.  I highly recommend this book and this series to anyone who enjoys Christian Fiction, you will not be disappointed.  I am excited to read the next book in the series, Another Way Home! I give this book 5 STARS

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