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Strengthen Your Marriage with Deb DeArmond’s New Book, Facebook Author Chat Party, and Relationship Challenges

I received this book from Litfuse Publicity for no charge in exchange for my honest review of this book. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Book Description: 

Married for nearly 38 years, author Deborah DeArmond and her husband have made the spoken declaration, “I choose you today” a regular part of their communication. It’s when we least feel like saying it that we need to remind ourselves that love is a choice, not a feeling. I Choose You Today features 31 scriptural principles that support marriage and help couples develop healthy biblically based behavior.
      Built on an introductory anecdotal story, each chapter has an inspirational takeaway of not only what to do, but how to begin applying the principles immediately. Thought provoking questions create talking points for couples to explore their own choices and experiences in each area serve to generate open dialogue of discovery. I Choose You Today is not a book of "shoulds," but one of clearly identified choices that each individual can make to grow their marriage and align it with the word of God. Every saying ends with a conventional wisdom quote.

My Thoughts: 

I Choose You Today: 31 Choices To Make Love Last is the first book by Deb DeArmond that I have read and WOW I am so glad I did. As a wife for almost 20 years my husband and I have been through our share of good and bad but my philosophy has always been, We make the choice everyday to be married, to be together, to stay together. This book reinforces that thought and expands on it in a way that really speaks to me.  I enjoyed Deb DeArmond's stories and antidotes about her own marriage. Her ability to look back at these events not with bitterness or blame but with love and humor, admit her mistakes and with the help of The Bible guide the reader to resolution. This book and concept doesn't just apply to marriage, it can apply to any type of relationship where love is a factor, family, friends, etc..

As my subscribers or regular readers know I very rarely review Non-Fiction books on my blog but this book really did spark my interest. Until this book I had not found a book, that explored this topic. The biggest lesson for me was right in the beginning Deb DeArnmond states in her introduction on page xi, " Love is not a feeling, and neither is marriage. Each is a choice-one that must be made every single day, even if spoken through gritted teeth." She states more than once that marriage is not easy, and it takes a lot of work from both of you but it is worth it. Each chapter in this book is a choice to make love last. I felt very different after reading each of these choices and answered the questions at the end of each chapter, felt very convicted by Deb DeArmond's words.  This is a book that I will be rereading, sharing with others, and recommending it to others. I highly recommend this to book to anyone in a relationship, you will benefit from the insight and wisdom.  I cannot wait to read more from Deb DeArmond, she is definitely on my Top 10 author list. I give this book
FIVE STARS.  Please check out below the contest and challenges being offered by Deb DeArmond.

What’s the secret for hanging on to the happily-ever-after feelings from the day you said, “I do”? It could be as simple as four little words: I Choose You Today. Be sure to grab a copy of Deb DeArmond's latest release and find out how you can make the declaration “I Choose You Today” a regular part of your marriage communication.

Deb is celebrating the release of her book with a Facebook author chat party on February 3rd.

Along with the February 3rd author chat party, you're invited to participate in two marriage-strengthening challenges: one beginning February 1 and the other beginning in March. Don't miss out on this opportunity to build your relationship with your spouse and enter to win some prizes along the way!

The Valentine's Challenge: February 1 – 28

Tell your spouse "I Choose You" every day of the month. Sign up online at and receive a free downloadable February calendar to mark off the days of the challenge.

Deb will also be emailing participants 1–2 times throughout the month with giveaway opportunities and "keep going" encouragement.
The "I Choose You" Challenge: March 1 – December 31, 2015

Sign up online at to receive 10 weekly emails, each teaching one of the choices from Deb's book along with practical applications. This challenge is broken up into three different sessions, covering all 31 choices from the book.

There will be giveaways and opportunities to win throughout the year. Participants can decide when to join—it's not required to do all three sessions. do all three sessions.

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