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DAISIES ARE FOREVER | Enter to win a Kindle HDX from Liz Tolsma!

I received this book from Litfuse Publicity for no charge in exchange for my honest review of this book. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Book Description:  

In the
final days of Nazi Germany, the strength of one woman’s heart will determine
the fate of a family. 

Prussia, 1945
The fall of the Third Reich is imminent. As the merciless Red Army advances from the East, the German people of Prussia await the worst. Among them is twenty-year-old Gisela
Cramer, an American living in Heiligenbeil with her cousin Ella and their
ailing grandfather. When word arrives that the Russians will invade overnight,
Ella urges Gisela to escape to Berlin—and take Ella’s two small daughters with

The journey is miserable and relentless. But when Gisela hears the British accent of a phony SS officer, she poses as his wife to keep him safe among the indignant German refugees. In the
blink of an eye,  Mitch Edwards and Gisela are Herr and Frau Joseph Cramer. Through their tragic and difficult journey, the fabricated couple strives to protect Ella’s daughters, hoping
against hope for a reunion. But even as Gisela and Mitch develop feelings
beyond the make–believe, the reality of war terrorizes their makeshift family. 

With the world at its darkest, and the lives of two children at stake, the counterfeit couple finds in each other a source of faith, hope, and the love they need to survive.

My Thoughts: 

Daisies are Forever is the second book in Liz Tolsma's Women of Courage series and it's FANTASTIC. I had the privilege of reading the first book, Snow on The Tulips so when Daisies are Forever came I knew I had to read it. This book tells the story of Gisela Cramer, an American who lives with her cousin Ella, Ella's two daughters, and their ailing grandfather. Gisela left Berlin to live with cousins and then again left there to live with her grandfather and Ella after both places became unsafe. Now Gisela is faced with leaving again to head back to Berlin with Ella's daughters in tow. Ella stays with their grandfather because he is too sick to travel and entrusts her children to her cousin to keep safe. Gisela also travels with an elderly neighbor and his two sisters. As they make their way to Berlin they experience devastation and heart break everywhere. Gisela tries to keep their group together and while finding refuge on a farm she saves the lives of two British soldiers who escaped a prison camp. She and one of the soldiers, Mitch Edwards, pose as a married couple traveling with their nieces. They become Gisela and Joseph Cramer. They work very hard to keep their group together but lose some on the way, and pick up some. As they make their way to Berlin Gisela and Mitch become close and dependent on one another. As they care for their group they hope to make it to see the end of the war.

Daisies are Forever is Liz Tolsma's second book in her Women of Courage series and I loved it. As a huge fan of Christian Historical Fiction, I took to this series and this book immediately.  Liz Tolsma writes with authority about this intense time in history and all the places that were affected by this war. The facts within the fiction open up the readers eyes to what happened to during this time in our worlds history and all the decisions people had to make in order to survive, families separated by land and politics, children forced to become adults, and the lives lost because of the decisions of the leaders. As I read this book, I could feel the emotions of those affect. Liz Tolsma gives her readers a look at this war that you can't learn in history books. As I read this book, I felt like I was there traveling with Gisela and her makeshift family across the borders to try to find safety. I found myself crying in many parts of this book as the tragedies unfold from the start. This book really brought out the emotions of this time in history. I enjoyed all of the characters in this book, especially Gisela. Her strength, perseverance, and dedication to keeping her "family" together is just amazing. As she made her way to Berlin, her faith kept her going and kept the others going also.  This is a story that has stuck with me and really opened my eyes to what really happened. Liz Tolsma does not go into graphic details and doesn't need to, her writing gives you the explanation without having to be graphic. I truly enjoyed this book. I highly recommend this book and series to anyone who enjoys Christian Historical Fiction, you will not be disappointed. These books are able to be read as stand alone and not in order. I cannot wait to read what Liz Tolsma has to put out next. I give this book

Liz Tolsma's latest WWII historical fiction novel, Daisies are Forever, is getting rave reviews. 

". . . compelling and fast-paced tale about the atrocities and tremendous losses. . . ." —Library Journal

"Excellent storytelling, accurate historical reporting and gritty, persevering characters make this WWII-era novel a must-read." —CBA Retailers + Resources

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