Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Not Guilty By Teresa Pollard and Candi Pullen

I received this book from BookCrash for no charge in exchange for my honest review of this book. The opinions expressed here are my own.

Book Description:

Rape is a Four-Letter Word But it is one that Christians need to discuss more openly. It's 1974 and Carrie Shepherd, daughter of the minister at Windspree Community Church, is a college senior with plans to be a missionary in Africa. Raped by a masked assailant, Carrie is so traumatized she tells no one until she realizes she's pregnant. Refusing to have an abortion, she must find the courage to face her family, her fiance, her friends, and a gossiping, angry congregation which may include her attacker. Can Carrie find a way to cope with the secrets, silence, and shame that threaten to tear apart her family and church?

My Thoughts:

Not Guilty By Teresa Pollard and Candi Pullen is the first book by both of these authors that I have had a chance to read and I am glad I did.  Carrie Shepard is engaged and a college senior. Her and her fiancee have planned to be missionaries in Africa.  One day on her way home from school Carrie is raped by an unknown assailant who wen to great lengths to get her alone and in this position. Carrie is so ashamed that she will not tell anyone, she pulls away from her family and breaks off her engagement.  Eventually Carrie figures out she is pregnant and decides that the only option for her is to keep the baby.  Carrie has no choice but to tell her family and friends of the situation.  As a pastor's daughter, Carrie is always under scrutiny, and now she must face accusations and looks from her church family.  As Carrie embraces her situation and allows others in to help her she finds the courage to handle the situations at hand.

I was drawn to this book right away from the description.  Rape is something that needs to be discussed more openly and this book really puts it in perspective and not just from the victims perspective. Not Guilty explores the effects of rape on all involved, family, friends, strangers, and the assailant. Teresa Pollard and Candi Pullen truly weave a story that starts with a tragedy and how that tragedy can change lives not just negatively. Also these authors put this secretive situation in the open where it belongs.  They give the unpopular choice in this situation a voice and shows how a whole community can overcome. I found myself unable to put this book down. Throughout the story the authors show God's healing and forgiveness for those who believe. The characters in this story are real people, with real situations and flaws. The authors show the imperfections of humans and how judgemental and hurtful we can be to those who need our compassion.  I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Christian Fiction about real life situations.  I give this book 5 stars! I look forward to reading more from these two wonderful authors. 

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