Monday, June 25, 2012

Dark Star: Confessions of a Rock Idol (Rock Star Chronicles)

I received this e-book from Litfuse Publicity Group for no charge in exchange for my honest review of this e-book.  The opinions shared are my own.

Book Description:

Can Fame, Wealth, and Power Buy Happiness?

Everett Lester and his band, DeathStroke, ride the crest of a wave to super stardom. But the deeper they become immersed in fame, wealth, and power, the more likely they are to be swallowed alive by the drugs, alcohol, and discontentment that have become their only friends. Everett is headed down a perilous road of no apparent return when he's charged with the murder of his personal psychic. The only hope he can cling to comes from Topeka , Kansas , and the letters written by a prayerful young lady who lives there. Consistent and persistent, the notes cut straight to Everett 's empty heart, offering a fulfillment he's never grasped before. But what if he's found guilty of murder? Will he recognize the spiritual battle that's raging for his soul?

Endora Crystal was my rock...

As I staggered through the chaos of rock 'n' roll fame-the drugs and alcohol, the selfishness and turmoil-Endora was the gentle voice in my ear telling me I was special. Telling me I was adored. She was my personal psychic, and she said I had a unique purpose, a calling to give my fans happiness. To be their god.

My band, DeathStroke, dominated the world of rock. Yet strife ruled our inner circle. My family didn't know me. I loved no one but myself.

And yet Karen Bayliss was praying for me, that I would come to know the love of God and the lordship of Jesus Christ. She was not a fan. Didn't care for my music. Karen just wanted me to know peace.

Now Endora is dead, and I've been charged with first-degree murder.

Everett Lester is headed down a perilous road of no apparent return. Will he recognize the spiritual battle that's raging for his soul?

My Thoughts:

Dark Star: Confessions of a Rock Idol, Rock Star Chronicles Book 1 by Creston Mapes is his debut book and it is definitely a winner!   Dark Star goes between past and present to explain Everett Lester's life and the current situation he finds himself in.  Creston Mapes uses his expertise in  Rock and Roll Journalism to write a compelling story of good and evil.   The characters in his book are well rounded, likable, and very real people who deal with real issues.  Creston Mapes writes a very believable story that makes the reader feel like he is talking right to them.  Dark Star is an amazing story of how anyone, no matter what they have done in their lives can turn to Jesus and become a new person.  This story had many twists and turns that made it very hard to put down.  This story keeps you guessing until the end.  I am so glad I was given the opportunity to read Dark Star and look forward to reading more of Creston Mapes books.

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