Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sweeter Than Birdsong by Rosslyn Elliott

I received this book from for no charge for my honest opinion of this book.

Book Description:

Music offers Kate sweet refuge from her troubles…but real freedom is sweeter.
In Westerville, Ohio, 1855, Kate Winter’s dreams are almost within reach. As the first woman to graduate from Otterbein College, she’ll be guaranteed her deepest wish: escape from the dark secret haunting her family. But with her mother determined to marry her off to a wealthy man, Kate must face reality. She has to run. Now. And she has the perfect plan. Join the upcoming musical performance--and use it to mask her flight.

Ben Hanby, Otterbein College’s musical genius, sees Kate Winter as an enigmatic creature, notable for her beauty, yet painfully shy. Then he hears her sing—and the glory of her voice moves him as never before. He determines to cast her in his musical and uncover the mystery that is Kate. Still, he must keep his own secret to himself. Not even this intriguing woman can know that his passionate faith is driving him to aid fugitives on the Underground Railroad.

A terrifying accident brings Kate and Ben together, but threatens to shatter both their secrets and their dreams. Kate can no longer deny the need to find her courage—and her voice—if she is to sing a new song for their future.

Sweeter than Birdsong is a stirring novel of hope and faith inspired by real historical people and events.

My Thoughts:

Sweeter Than Birdsong is the second novel by Rosslyn Elliott, also the second book in The Saddlers Legacy Series. This series is based on actual events of the Hanby Family and other characters in the story. The book is fiction but the Hanby's are actual people and their actions are historical fact.  I had the privilege of reading Rosslyn Elliott's debut novel, Fairer Than Morning and I was hooked.  Sweeter Than Birdsong did NOT disappoint.

Sweeter Than Birdsong begins in 1855, 29 years after Ann Miller and Will Hanby meet and marry. They have eight children and they family still continue the work of Ann's father of helping slaves with the Underground Railroad get to Canada.  Their oldest son Ben is able to help them fully. Ben has a love for music and he has decided he would go into ministry just like his father and his grandfather so he can utilize his gifts and continue his work helping slaves become free.  Ben meets Kate Winter, another lover of music, but is shy and afraid to speak or sing in front of others. Fate puts them together and Ben also sees Kate's heart to help others, including slaves find freedom.

Sweeter Than Birdsong is another awesome story by Rosslyn Elliott. I couldn't wait to receive it and read it. I could NOT put it down. The story picks up 29 years later with Ann and Will Hanby and their family.  It is fascinating the historical facts in this story. I personally am interested in this time in history and this story truly depicts the time and the circumstances.  The characters are real and I felt truly part of the story, running with Kate and Ben and the slaves they are helping, felt the hurt they did, and the joy when things worked out.  This book grabbed me from the beginning and held me until the end. I cannot wait to see what the next story has in store for us readers!  I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys historical fiction. You won't be disappointed!!

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  1. Beth, this review was so encouraging to me. Thank you for taking the time to write such a thoughtful response!


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