Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Homeward by Melody Carlson

I received this e-book from Glass Road Pubic Relations free in exchange for my honest review of this story.

Book Description
From bestselling author Melody Carlson comes this award-winning story of three generations of Lancaster women. For twenty years Meg Lancaster has avoided Briar Hedge, the Lancaster family estate. Now she has been drawn back to her grandmother's home to uncover secrets that have been hidden for decades and to try to regain the family she long ago abandoned.

Meg Lancaster left her home at 17 years old to get away from the nightmare that was her life. Now 20 years later, after receiving a letter from her older sister that Grandmother Lancaster was sick and didn't have much time left, and a called off marriage for Meg she decides she needs to head home to Briar Hedge, her family's estate to make amends. Meg arrives and finds that things aren't what they used to be. Her mother, Sunny, was happily married and different. Her Grandma apologized for hurting Meg, and Megs sister and her family connect with Meg in a big way. As Meg starts to open herself up a bit with the family she finds out that her beloved cranberry fields that made Briar Hedge famous have been run down to nothing by her cousin. Meg decides, with her Grandma's blessing to try to save the fields. These fields were her grandfather's pride and joy. All of Meg's happy memories were with her Grandfather in these fields. As Meg starts to work these fields her life starts to have big changes.

My Thoughts:
Homeward is a story about family secrets, making amends, and finding lost faith. Melody Carlson weaves a beautiful story about 3 generations of Lancaster women and them coming back together to be a family for probably the first time. This story really grabbed me and kept my interest to the end. The characters were so rich and I could feel all the times I was laughing, others crying. The story showed how having faith in God made all things possible. This story shows healing throughout a whole family because family secrets are revealed and allowed to heal. I highly recommend this book! I cannot wait to read more books by Melody Carlson.

In addition, Homeward by Melody Carlson is a RITA Award Winner! Now Homeward is available in E-book form for $2.99! I highly recommend buying this ebook at this awesome price!!

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