Sunday, July 3, 2011

Inside Threat-A Riley Covington Thriller By Jason Elam and Steve Yohn

I received this book from Tyndale Publishing free for my honest review of this book.

Book Description:
After taking two football seasons off, Riley Covington is attempting to make a comeback in the league while trying to forget Khadi Faroughi, now on security detail for a prominent senator.
But a new attack turns both of their lives upside down yet again. During a state funeral, terrorists overrun the National Cathedral and take senators, congressmen, and their entourages hostage, including Khadi. This new generation of The Cause is made up of homegrown terrorists—an inside threat to the security of the nation. They release most of the hostages, but Khadi and several others are kept behind as significant bargaining chips.
The Cause pledges to behead one member of Congress each day throughout the month of Ramadan as a punishment for their own country’s rejection of Islam. Despite the protests of Counter-Terrorism Division director Scott Ross, Riley races to CTD armed with a plan and a fierce determination to rescue Khadi at all costs.

Inside Threat is the fourth book in the Riley Covington Thriller Series. When Tyndale Publishing offered this book for review I signed up for it, it sounded like an awesome book. As I looked online to find out about the books, I found that this was #4 in the series. I decided to purchase books 1-3. I became addicted in book 1!! This series is awesome, each book got better.

Inside Threat paints the tale of homegrown terrorist. Extreme Islamic born and raised here in the United States with no ties to overseas terrorist groups. These terrorists are all over the United States and have organized to have killings going on all over the US to draw attention away to the BIG act. Riley Covington has entered into the PFL again after two years off and is still playing for the Washington Warriors even though his heart is still with the Colorado Mustangs. Scott Ross and the rest of the counterterrorism department minus Khadi are working on these random killings being done by Americans. Khadi is now working security for a Senator and is not happy but felt she needed to distance herself from Riley. The sudden death of an US Chaplin, orchestrated by this terrorism group, puts all their plans in motion. The terrorists take over the National Cathedral in Washington DC and take hostage all the Congressmen and Senators and one Khadi. Riley goes into mode when he knows Khadi is in danger. Scott Ross, Riley's best friend and director of Counterterrorism, does not want Riley anywhere near this incident. Riley shows up with his own plan, which is dangerous.

Inside Threat by Jason Elam and Steve Yohn is a fantastic story. I could not put this book or the other 3 down. It is fast paced, action packed, funny, and emotional. The story line really gets you thinking about terrorism and the types of things that could happen. This book is well researched and is obvious the authors educated themselves about many things including Government, terrorism, and of course football. Throughout this book we see Riley's Faith in God, his belief of the bible, and his giving spirit to anyone in trouble. This book shows the beliefs of Christians, Muslims, and the Extremes of Islam. I highly, highly recommend this book, and this series to anyone who reads Christian Fiction. I fell in love with these books and hope to read more by these 2 authors.

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