Sunday, February 13, 2011

Who is my Shelter? By Neta Jackson

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Book Description:
Every woman needs a safe shelter.

The tables have turned and Gabby's estranged husband--who threw her out when she didn't live up to his image of a "corporate wife"--needs her in a way neither ever expected. He's begging for reconciliation, but Gabby has moved on, finding purpose and a future in the House of Hope. Not only has she found shelter for herself and her sons there, but she's able to help provide shelter for homeless moms and their kids.

And yet . . . there's a hole in her life. Is God leading Gabby down a new path and giving her something--and someone--new? Or is He redeeming what she thought was gone forever?

Neta Jackson was the first Christian Fiction Author I ever read. I began my journey with Yada Yada Prayer Group and now have ended with Who is my Shelter. Yada Yada prayer group series ended at Book 7 but spun off into the House of Hope Series. In this series we journey with Gabby Fairbanks, a stay at home who is wealthy move from Virginia with her husband Philip and her sons. Soon after they move into their penthouse, Gabby encounters Lucy, a homeless woman, who Gabby brings back to the house to shower and clean up. In the middle of this her husband, his business partner and his wife all come over and this starts a series of events. Gabby took Lucy to Manna House, a homeless shelter where Lucy stays and she gets offered a job. The ball starts rolling in Gabby's life that ends with Philip kicking Gabby, her mother, and Dandy(her mothers dog) out of the penthouse to fend for themselves. Gabby had to pick up the pieces and start a new life for herself and her children. In Who is my Shelter, Gabby is now the proud owner of House of Hope, a second stage housing for homeless women and their children. She is happy. Gabby has moved on with her life.

And as life always happens Philip hits rock bottom with Gambling and such. Philip now has to make changes in his life or he might not live. Gabby is there, reluctantly at first, to help him. With the help of the Baxters and Harry Bentley Philip starts to see the errors of his ways. Also we see a lot of our favorite characters lives start to mold into what they should. I don't want to give away the whole book but it will not disappoint.

I have always enjoyed Neta Jackson's books and this one was awesome. Her characters are so real that you can relate to their lives, it isn't a feel good everyone lives happily ever after thing. We see everyone has ups and downs, every marriage has its problem, life is fixed by quoting a bible verse. You see that God works in all different situations, even messes. The power of prayer and the belief that God will bring you through are big themes throughout the book and also leaning on one another. This book is a beautiful story of healing, rebirth, and how God can make miracles out of messes. I highly recommend this book as well as the others in her series. You won't be disappointed. Can't wait to see what is next!!

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