Monday, September 27, 2010

Where Hearts Are Free, A Darkness to Light Novel

I received Where Hearts are Free from in exchange for my honest opinion of this book.

Book Description
The odds are stacked against Bridget and Philippe reuniting. But God has a plan for them if they'll only believe.
It’s 1687, in the burgeoning town of Philadelphia, and for seven years, Bridget Barrington has watched with growing affection as Philippe Clavell worked as an indentured servant for her father, a wealthy landowner.
Her father rejects her request for Philippe to be a potential suitor as he has none of the qualities Mr. Barrington hoped for his daughter's future husband, the least of which is a respectable income.
Heartbroken, Bridget accedes to her parents’ wishes and gets engaged to a man she does not love. However, Bridget's husband-to-be does not love her, but only her wealth.
But there's always light in the midst of darkness for those who have faith. This stunning historical romance concludes the gripping Darkness to Light series.

I read the first 2 books of this 3 book series and each book was wonderful. The books are based on family history of the author. This book could be read as stand alone, it gives enough background in the book that you don't feel like you missed something. This book Where Hearts are Free is mainly about Phillipe Clavell, an indentured servant for the Barrington Family. He is there to pay off debt for his families trip to the New World. The Barrington's daughter, Bridget, has had feelings for Phillipe since he started at their estate. She professes this love to him and to her parents. From there the story goes into Phillipe's journey of love and faith and Bridget's journey of truly finding and trusting God to take care of her. This book shows how God has a plan and His plans always work out if you let them. Our author describes beautifully the time period, working conditions, and the social classes of this time. You feel like you are there seeing it all happen. The story is a beautiful story of how being faithful to God brings everything together. This book was truly a wonderful book and I look forward to reading more books from Golden Keyes Parsons.

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