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The Witness By Josh McDowell

Book Info: From Monte Carlo to Morocco to Egypt and into Petra, Marwan Accad is pursued by authorities for murders he did not commit. Tracked by advanced intelligence-surveillance technology, his every location is eventually found out, thrusting those he loves into danger. Nurtured by a bitter past that equipped him with what he needed for his company to thrive, Marwan Accad never looks back. Yet the way forward promises only uncertainty, and living each day is a lie in which corruption and greed play in the lives of man. For whose lie is he going through all of this? Even as Marwan races against time to find his pursuers and their motives, he must grapple with what is beyond his life, with what is eternal.
I received this book from Tyndale Publishing for free, in return they ask for my opinion of the book.  This is the first time I have read anything by Josh Mcdowell and I cannot wait to read more from him. The Witness grabs your attention right from the start and makes it nearly impo…

Love on a Dime: A Ladies of Summerhill Novel

book description: 

Newport, Rhode Island, 1899, is a place of shimmering waves, sleek yachts, and ladies of leisure. Of opulent mansions that serve as summer cottages for the rich and famous. Home of railroad magnates and banking tycoons--dashing young men and the women who aspire to marry them.

But it's not the place for lady novelists. Especially not those who pen disreputable dime novels. This poses a problem for Lilly Westbrook, because that's exactly what she does.No one in Lilly's social set knows she pens fiction under the nom de plume Fannie Cole. Not her family or the wealthy young man about to propose to her. And especially not Jackson Grail, the long-lost beau who just bought her publishing company...and who stirs her heart more than she cares to admit.

My Review: I received this novel from Thomas Nelson Publishers through, my review of this book is my own opinion.   Love on a Dime is the first novel by Cara Lynn James. This is a new author on my lis…

The Nook

So for my birthday my Mom and Dad went overboard and bought me a Nook. I have wanted one for a long time and now I have it. Its awesome. I haven't learned how to use the whole thing but thats the fun is the figuring it out. We have it connected to the internet and I bought my first book for $1.59. YAY. I have regular books here that I am going to read but I can't wait to use the Nook. I can't imagine that I will stop buying paperbacks and such since there are certain ones I will want in book form. So as I learn more about my Nook I will be posting my journey with the Nook. I can't wait for my Mom to get herself one so we can lend books and such but I was givng her visitation with my Nook today....she got to touch and play with it as far as I learned today...YAY

Father's day

As father's day is coming to a close, I am pondering many thoughts. I know that I am very very blessed to have a wonderful father who is still here with me. He is 66 yrs old and a cancer survivor.  My sister and I were young when he had it. It was a long road but thankfully he has stayed cancer free since.  I don't think I truly appreciated the fact of still having my Dad until I married Dean and we had kids. Both my Dad and my husband grew up without fathers. They had no idea what it was to celebrate father's day for them......they saw others celebrate their father's but never got to do it with their own fathers. That really makes you think about what the day means.  Dean doesn't know what to do on Father's day because of this....he almost doesn't want to celebrate it.  Now for my Dad my Mom always made sure it was a big deal and still does. She always gets him a nice gift and makes it about him and his day. We joke and tell him how spoiled he is but reall…

Who Do I Lean On? House of Hope Book by Neta Jackson

So before I review Who do I lean on I have to start out about the Series, Yada Yada Prayer Group. This series was beyond awesome. I started reading the first one in a book club and was HOOKED. These books look at relationships with God, women's relationships with each other, and how a group of unlikely characters truly become sisters. The story is told from Jodi's perspective....her father was a pastor so she grew up in the church but wasn't having a relationship with God....she went through the motions. She attends a prayer conference and gets grouped with an interesting set of characters.......these books are just awesome.......I can't say enough about them except in order to really understand it you have to read them.

After the Yada Yada Series closed Neta Jackson started started a spin off series called House of Hope. These books are about Manna House a women's homeless shelter that our Yada sisters helped rebuild after a fire. In these books the perspective is …