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Disaster Status By Candance Calvert

First I would like to say:Tyndale House Publishers have provided me with a complimentary copy of this book. This review is my opinion.

Disaster Status is the the second book in this series. This book follows ER Charge Nurse Erin Quinn to Pacific Mercy Hospital. Erin is living with her Grandma Iris, helping support her.  The books starts out with hazardous materials being spilled and causing panic. Not only were civilians brought in with exposure, a nurse in the ER was also exposed by a patient and falls very ill.  Erin meets Fire Captian Scott McKenna and sparks fly.

Disaster Status is a medical drama/romance story. Candance Calvert doesn't use a lot of medical terms that aren't understood. The characters are very deep. They develop right along with the story. You learn about each of them as the story goes. There is more than one storyline but they all tie together. Candace Calvert does a wonderful job weaving everyone together. This book shows strong faith of Erin and Iris. Als…